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Luminous Stylish iPhone Case

Luminous Stylish iPhone Case


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Product Details:
Style: back cover
Material: tempered glass
Process: painted
Color: super running wheel silver [big hole], construction machinery [big hole], gear [big hole], destroyer black and white [big hole], construction machinery puppet bear [big hole], bear construction machinery [big hole] , Destroyer [big hole], square corner round core
Applicable models: Apple 13promax, Apple 13Pro, Apple 13, Apple 13mini, Apple 12promax, Apple 12Pro, Apple 12, Apple 12mini, Apple 11promax, Apple 11Pro, Apple 11, Apple xsmax, Apple xr, Apple x, Apple xs, Apple 8plus , Apple 7plus, Apple 8, Apple 7, Apple SE2, Apple SE3, Apple 6plus, Apple 6, Apple 14promax, Apple 14max, Apple 14pro, Apple 14
Remarks: Non-Apple brand products, compatible with IPhone models

Package Contents:
Phone Case X1


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