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Crossbody Wallet Card Holder iPhone Case

Crossbody Wallet Card Holder iPhone Case


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Product information:

Style: back cover
Material: PC+silicone
Process: injection molding/injection
Color: black, red, green, dark green
Function: bracket, anti fall, anti fingerprint
Applicable model: Apple
Applicable models: iphone6, iphone6plus, iphone7/8/SE, iphone7/8plus, iphoneX/XS, iphoneXR, iphoneXSMAX, iphone11pro, iphone11, iphone11promax, iphone12mini/5.4, iphone12/12pro/6.1, iphone12promax/6.7, iphone13mini/5.4, iphone13/6.1, iphone13pro/6.1, iphone13promax/6.7, iphone14, iphone14pro, iphone14plus, iphone14promax
Non-Apple brand products, compatible with IPhone models

Package Content:
1 x phone case



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